1978 dating game serial killer


When he was 12, he, his mother Anna Maria Gutierrez, and his sisters, Christine and Marie, had moved to suburban Los Angeles. In the summer, he worked as a counselor at a drama camp for children in New Hampshire.

Alcala's first known victim was an eight-year-old girl named Tali Shapiro, whom he abducted as she was on her way to school.

Alcala's death sentence in the Samsoe murder was overturned twice.

But in 2010, he was once again sentenced to death for the murder of five women, though authorities have still been unable to pin down a precise victim count.

Alcala is known for his enjoyment of 'toying’ with his victims before finally killing them.

Over time evidence of more victims has risen, and he has been convicted several times over again, most recently in 2013.



Alcala—already convicted of raping an 8-year-old girl at the time of his 1978 appearance on the show—likely showed his real psychopathic self when he was offstage with the other bachelors, a crime profiler tells CNN.

With a confident tone and wide smile, Alcala tells her, "We're gonna have a great time together, Cheryl."Watch 21st century serial killers you've never heard of.



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