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By bringing the story down to a very personal scale Nicolas told the story in a far more impacting and effective way.

This movie isn't about a revolution or a grand battle this is truly a movie about two people being in love.

Once she crossed over to Instagram, India’s ardent followers…well, followed, amassing to a whopping 1.4 million and counting.

See more » For Your Precious Love Performed by Jerry Butler Written by Arthur Brooks/ Richard A.

Brooks / Jerry Butler Published by Sunflower Music Inc.

The character of Richard is fall less emotional so therefor Joel has less opportunities to show off, instead Joel utilized the quiet moments with his character to give a strong performance.

Together the pair creates a believable, balanced relationship that shows us they're in love instead of just telling us.

On the surface this story seems interesting but over done but the way Jeff Nicolas tells this story makes it incredibly unique.



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    He did go, and admitted to me she seemed 'open' to any advances had he made them.

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    You must have heard it said; There is of course nothing inherently wrong with dating a non-Christian.

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