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When Dave and I won in 1982, players were practically pushing each other out of the way to be selected – and that included senior players at the time, too, like Gary Owen at Manchester City, who scored twice in the final aged 24.

They sensed victory, they wanted to be part of something exciting, something that could make them proud in their later years and propel their careers.

Nothing would have stopped me playing in any of those games.

When I became England manager I never experienced any player saying to me: thanks for picking me boss but I don’t fancy it this time, maybe next game perhaps.


Harry (left) has seen all this before, he’s faced full-on nightmares and turned them round time and again. Harry Redknapp came out fighting in on Friday, vowing to slug it out and give his all to the cause. People talk about firefighters in football – managers like Tony Pulis and Neil Warnock, who can be brought in to save a lost cause. Harry Redknapp lives, eats and breathes football like no other.


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