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This unique tool has been created to significantly reduce the amount of time required, by an investigator, to analyze and categorize seized images, videos, text and audio files found on computer and hard drives.

Cellebrite is the world leader in delivering cutting-edge mobile forensic solutions.

With affordable tuition rates, textbooks provided at no cost and flexible online classes, the CSU format meets the needs of adult learners. Digital Intelligence is the industry leader in providing hardware for practitioners of Digital Forensics and e Discovery.

CSU also allows up to 75 percent of undergraduate courses and 50 percent of graduate courses to be transferred into the desired degree plan. Offering specialized workstations, write blockers, duplicators as well as software and training, Digital Intelligence has been providing products and services across the globe for nearly 20 years.

Come see a demonstration and find out why digital forensic professionals from government, military and law enforcement agencies around the world choose INSIGHT FORENSIC as their main imaging tool.

From concept to completion, BIS Digital provides total turnkey solutions and integrated systems based upon the specific needs of our users that include concept and planning, engineering of solutions and systems, purchase of product, installation, personal product and service training, and on-going support and service.

As a result, our focus in designing and building our systems has been on performance, customization, reliability, and support. The world's premier platform for accumulating knowledge and building intelligence.

The Analyze Platform helps you process and analyze large amounts of image and video data, automatically eliminate and prioritize information, detect and highlight critical clues as well as identify relationships.

The first and only forensic data acquisition tool that gets data from both good and even damaged hard drives and it's one-button simple to use!® offers you powerful solutions that put the power of forensics in your hands.For 30 years, Access Data has worked with more than 130,000 customers in industries from government to legal, from corporations to international business, to understand and focus on your unique collection-to-analysis needs. Products that empower faster results, better insights, and more connectivity.Taught by an elite team with considerable law enforcement and digital forensics experience, the courses are tailored to address to realistic, multi-platform scenarios simulating the daily challenges of digital evidence.


Blue Bear is a boutique software shop focused on forensic software solutions for Law Enforcement. LACE is a unique tool designed to assist investigators in the automated categorization of media evidence files (images & videos) that have been seized or confiscated.

Represent your profession and faith with some FIVE O Gear! has been around since the beginning of computer forensics.


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