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This policy may change from time to time (see Changes to the Privacy Policy) and your continued use of the Website is deemed to be acceptance of such changes, so please check the policy periodically for updates. If at any time you would like to unsubscribe from our email list, you may do so by contacting [email protected] with the subject heading “unsubscribe.” In addition to the information you provide us, we collect certain additional information to help us improve our campaigns and to otherwise better serve our collective mission to close the gap between the world we have and the world most people everywhere want.We collect and use the following information: We do not share the information you’ve given us with unaffiliated groups without your explicit permission.You are solely responsible for the specific message(s) you send using our email tool.Avaaz takes no responsibility for the content or use of your email address by campaign targets.This website, (along with all translated versions of which hereafter referred to as the “Site”) is operated by Avaaz (“We” or “Us”).Avaaz is the operating name of the “Avaaz Foundation,” a non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Delaware.


Avaaz may also provide the emails of people who sign a member-initiated campaign to the member who initiated the campaign so that member can continue that campaign’s efforts.By using or accessing our Website, you agree to this privacy policy.This policy applies only to information collected through this website ( and does not apply to information collected on any affiliated site or third-party site or by any third-party application that may link to or be accessible from this Website, nor does it apply to any offline contact between you and Avaaz.Avaaz enables its members to develop and run their own campaigns on our member-initiated petition site.

Avaaz members run these campaigns under their own name and send them to friends, family and others to build a movement.The content of these emails will be from Avaaz and these third parties do not have direct access to your personally identifiable information.


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