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It would not be thought complete without a 'stump speech', a satirical monologue full of bumpkin malapropisms, jokes and puns, in a setting simulating a tree stump where people might pause to chat during a break from plantation work.

Then began a serious decline, though the last remnants hung on doggedly.

1909 saw the last minstrel show to play Broadway, and only three troupes remained by 1919.

But "coon" humor (as a subset of the perennial "bumpkin" stereotype) remained popular, and revivals and crude recreations survived into the 1960s.

This was a musical promenade by the company, with each member stepping forward in turn to do a brief specialty bit, ostensibly trying to outdo each other.

" - "I don't know, why DID he build his pigpen under the kitchen window? ") topped off with a few comic or sentimental songs and brought to a rousing finish with a "cakewalk" or "walkaround".The lampoon act, called "Dan Emmett's Virginia Minstrels," was a surprise hit, and copycat "minstrel shows" quickly became America's most popular stage entertainment.These music and comedy revues featured large bands of white performers in blackface makeup, pretending to be happy slaves celebrating after-hours on the old plantation, broadly aping the manners of their "betters."It would be easy to conclude that there was no more to say about it, but we must not forget that racism of every stripe permeated the culture at that time, and the minstrel show reflected that attitude like many other entertainments.Though the public lost interest in the minstrel craze, it was a format made up of perenially-popular parts.

Audiences never tire of the "burlesque." Originally a burlesque was a broad comic parody of a currently-popular serious theater piece, a definition later broadened to include almost any type of comic sketch.

In France in the 1400s, music was evolving and its forms were being codified.


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