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The God of the Bible Can be Disproved: The God of the Bible (and the Koran, and the Book of Mormon, etc.) already has enough going against him…If he were really the author of the Bible, it would probably be much less full of atrocities, contradictions, plagiarisms and absurdities.Many people ask why someone like me, who came from a Christian home, went to a Christian high school and then went on to spend five years in seminary and become a pastor, a missionary, and an evangelist, would turn his back on the God he spent a lifetime worshiping and serving and give up all faith in the supernatural.The answer is very simple, and I’m about to give it.This is like turning around to sit down on a chair when you never actually verified that the chair was there in the first place.The worst part about it is that, instead of a slightly bruised bottom, you come out of it with an entire life wasted trying to sit in a chair that isn’t there.

It covered such matters as the origin of man, the evolution of language, the dating of early civilisations and the historicity of the genealogies and the flood narrative in the book of Genesis. As is usual most of those involved were atheists who follow me on twitter and regularly mock and ridicule my commitment to Christian faith and values.


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    Members only see intersection of what they are looking for and what other members are looking for. Free messaging and status posting for undergraduates (5 messages/day limit).

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    More recently, the impact of social networking on online dating has been featured on the Questia online research website peer reviewed article ""I Luv U : )!

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    It gradually grew until there were 100 acts in 2010 with 16,000 people attending. 9-11attracted the festivals biggest audience to date -- 20,000 fans, to see over 130 acts covering such musical genres as rock, hip hop, hardcore, punk, ska, folk, blues, drum n bass, big beat, funk, kwaito, jazz, traditional, and world music. When I was in university [graduating in electrical engineering from the University of Pretoria in 1993] I loved to watch live music. About five or eight years ago, it kind of leveled off at 12,000 to 13,000 people attending. A lot of this is, we think, has to do with the caliber of artists that we book but also the Oppikoppi story. To buy anything at Oppikoppi, you have to load money on to the card with a once-off fee of R10 per festival banking card issued. Thats the biggest chunk (of population), and the rest are in pockets. It is quite split up with 50 million people scattered throughout. There is our national (state-owned) broadcasting station South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) as well.

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