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This happens because the previous version of the add-in was still running during reinstallation.We recommend that you enable the Show Synchronization Progress option in Outlook so that a user knows when synchronization is taking place.For more information, see When you add and configure a new user Outlook profile in an environment other than Microsoft Exchange and are working with the TASK entity, ensure that the name of the Active Directory user (Full name) or name of the Mailbox owner matches the Salesperson as configured on the Salesperson/Purchaser card.Otherwise, you may receive this message: The error occurred while setting the Owner property of the item: Task owner can be set to XXX only After you reinstall the Microsoft Office Outlook Add-in, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Synchronization toolbar may not appear in Outlook, even though the toolbar is selected in the list of available toolbars from the View menu.You may need to test and try out multiple installations and configurations of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Synchronization Add-in. To complete installation of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Synchronization Add-in, select the Always Allow option.To ensure that you are starting from a clean installation, you should delete the following files from your computer before starting a new setup: By default, the change log is activated. Otherwise, setting conditions is not mandatory, but you should do it to prevent mass data transfer to a local mailbox or a Public Folder.Important This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry.However, serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly.


These messages typically occur when you sign in to Microsoft Lync 2010.

Once you have completed setting conditions, you may need to register the changes in the change log, but only if you have made changes to the default configuration in the Outlook Synch. The changes are registered in the following order in the change log: CONT_SP, CONT_COMP, CONT_PERS, TASK, and APP entity.

For more information, see the following articles: You may receive the following message: An Error has occurred during the synchronization process.

Instead, we recommend that you change the Web service size back to an appropriate level after a full synchronization. These errors can occur if Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web services are not set up with the correct SPNs and delegation information.

They can also occur if the Web Service path is not set correctly in the Connection tab.For more information, see Knowledge Base article 944237: How to enable the log file mode for the Outlook Synchronization feature in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 5.0 (requires Partner Source login).


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