Consolidating mp3 files

This question suggests that the poser has a grand misconception about tracks and files.In fact, I am hard-pressed to even comprehend the question. This seems odd to computer users because we are used to applications that can sniff out the similarities of files very quickly. Some have suggested that an Apple Script could be written to "eliminate" the duplicates based on such things as last played date, play count, date added, and such. However, I have written various scripts which attempt to locate duplicates based on various data; these are about as accurate, more or less, as the i Tunes "Show Duplicate Songs" command.While you are certainly able to listen to tracks from the library, ideally, you should be list.

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So basically, when you activate a track in i Tunes, i Tunes locates the audio file it represents, processes it, and "plays" it.


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