Cross cultural dating


Skype is a great tool for communication, but it can also be frustrating when internet connections are spotty or you are tired of having a picture on a screen for a boyfriend or girlfriend.

17) Are there any special dating rules that are very serious? 18) What conversational topics are ok on the first date, second date and so on?

I really want to change that—having a half-English half-German scenario would be ideal for me, as we could communicate in whatever language makes the most sense at the moment, and it would still allow us both to improve on our second languages, but it’s a struggle to ‘force’ ourselves into that mode, unless our environment dictates one language or the other.” –Mirko and Natalye "If those in the relationship love each other then they understand each other on a much deeper level, and the language becomes less important. In German, the word “date” doesn’t really exist, certainly not with all the rules and codes that come with it, and Germans tend to either be too shy or too cool to date.

I lived in Berlin for 10 years before moving to London, and even when I thought I was on a date with a German woman, half the time I couldn’t really be sure whether I was or not.” –Bernie and Christie “The cultural differences between Germans and Australians may seem rather small or non-existent at first sight, but over the years and especially since we have moved back to Australia, I have noticed there are actually quite a lot, but rather subtle, cultural differences.

I now believe that Brett and I are probably more Australian/German than I thought we would be.

For example, trying to be on the safe side all the time and planning well ahead really is quite a German trait.“After being married for 14 years, I came to the conclusion that what really matters is that the person you live with has an open mind for your culture and background.” –Nadia and Ted “Being open-minded and talking about possible misunderstandings is essential in a multi-cultural relationship.” -Ratna and Nele “Being in a cross-cultural relationship takes a lot of patience and tolerance, and it can take a while until one gets used to the other.


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