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Officials did not address gaps in its social assistance programming, which prevented the provision of protection services to the large majority of children discovered in prostitution in the previous reporting period; the government continued to not provide assistance to these children because they were neither orphans nor destitute.Recommendations for Botswana: Enact comprehensive anti-trafficking legislation; increase efforts to investigate and criminally prosecute cases against suspected trafficking offenders using existing laws for both transnational and internal trafficking cases; develop a formal system to identify trafficking victims proactively and refer them to care; train law enforcement, immigration, and social welfare officials on these identification procedures to screen vulnerable populations, including women in prostitution and undocumented migrants, for potential trafficking victimization; establish a program to provide specific care for trafficking victims, either directly or in partnership with NGOs, to provide them accommodation during their support to investigations; develop guidelines for government-provided services to include victims of child prostitution; launch a national human trafficking awareness campaign; and institute a unified system for documenting and collecting data on human trafficking cases.Prosecution The Government of Botswana made minimal progress in its anti-trafficking law enforcement efforts, as it did not enact draft anti-trafficking legislation and did not demonstrate significant efforts to vigorously investigate and prosecute trafficking offenses under existing law.Botswana does not have a law specifically prohibiting trafficking in persons, though provisions in the Penal Code of 1998, such as those in sections 150-158 (forced prostitution), section 256 (kidnapping for slavery), and sections 260-262 (slavery and forced labor), prohibit most forms of trafficking.

Young Batswana serving as domestic workers for extended family or friends of family in some cases may be denied access to education and basic necessities or subjected to confinement or verbal, physical, or sexual abuse—all conditions indicative of forced labor.

It did not investigate any cases involving Batswana victims trafficked internally—including children in prostitution or domestic servitude.

The government did not initiate investigations and prosecutions of forced labor and sex trafficking offenses during the year.

Studio: Open Baptist Church Maru-Pula(Village program) Schools: The Learning Centre, Hibiscus Nursery School, Peo Nursery School, Peo Mela Nursery School, Humpty Dumpty Nursery School, Tiny Bubbles Nursery School, Broadhurst Primary School.

Received Maestro award for achievement in number of Registration Sales with an Assistant.The government funded an NGO-operated shelter, which provided general services to children.


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