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I've tried several ways to fix the problem, now the only repo that I have is hackulous but I still can't make it work.I was trying to update Cydia, but I don't get the update pop up, autoinstall doesn't work and installing from i File gave me a missing debianutils error... I'm able to reinstall the older version using Auto Install, but not the new one (and my problems are still there).For frequently updated news, see /r/jailbreak on Reddit. It keeps updating packages but never finishes, it's the older version.Also I can't install anything that's supposed to come with apt stuff because it says that it depends on APT.



sh-4.0# Err Packages PSOIX: Operation timed out Fetched 113k B in 5min19s (352B/s) W: Failed to fetch

So I closed Cydia and reopened it and the source was there. I have the exact same problem here with my iphone 4s 5.1.1 other sources were just fine but sinful gets stuck After hitting cancel it shows the "return to cydia" button and sinfuliphone is in sources but there is nothing under it :/ Maybe the repo is down.


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