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Or, think about someone you’ve dated who was perfect on paper but lacked that spark to keep you coming back.In other words, what makes a match work is not always based on meeting that checklist in your head.

While many men’s personal essays struggle to reach the 200-character minimum, many women only stop when they hit the 2,000-character max.

Started in 2002, as Prime, to bring like-minded singles together in a safe, clean, and fun environment, Silver still aims to please.

Join other singles at Silver today in making this the prime of your life at the dating site where senior people meet and find friends and love.

The problem isn’t that you’ve had a bad experience, it’s that spending precious profile space on the jerk makes you appear unready to move on.

Guy-friendly alternative: Any time you find yourself writing about your ex, flip it into a positive statement that doesn’t involve him. These terms permeate women’s profiles, and yet it probably comes as no surprise that men get skittish when they see poetic language along these lines.Now, there’s nothing wrong with telling us as much about yourself as you can fit into an essay, but keep in mind that not all guys like reading a wall of text—and may be tempted to move on purely because they’re not in a reading mood.


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