Google adsense dating sites

Back to top Google ads may not be displayed on adult search results.Examples include, but are not limited to, search results pages for: Back to top Google ads may not be placed on pages containing any form of comment spam (including adult language).Plenty of Fish is not functional, not easy to use and, in my humble opinion, hard to look at.The reason why it made so much money with Ad Sense is because it drives search traffic organically, people land on the site, and immediately want to click off.

For more information about different types of adult violations, click on the links below: Nudity and pornography Sexually gratifying content Fetishes and sexual aids Mail order brides, escort services, adult or sexual dating sites Adult links to external sites Adult search results Explicit text and extreme profanity Comment spam Sexual tips and health Google ads may not be placed on pages that contain nudity or pornography.

But, in my opinion, these sites are not all that functional.

Maybe Craigs List is a bad example, but consider the site that reportedly made ,000 in one day from Ad Sense.

Please visit the user-generated content section of our Help Center for recommended solutions to police your content.

Back to top Google ads may not be placed on content that provides tips regarding sexual performance or discusses some treatments of sexual health issues.

Are you running a free or paid dating site and looking to earn more money than Google Adsense? Sign up as a Advan Date Publisher and place banner code on your site and start earning ad revenue money for your site.


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