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Several years ago, we lost the pony, Ebony, that my daughters grew up riding. I've been busy working on updates: All 8 books now have updated covers with illustrations by equine artist, Janet Griffin-Scott.

I've looked off and on for another Ebony since then, without any success. An order of books with the new covers should be arriving here Read more...

They also talk about what Theresa is reading, her very through knowledge of a specific silent film star, and the books that continue to inspired her writing. Please don't forget to give us a name and where you're calling from so we can work your message into an upcoming podcast. As the first Swedish romance ever to be translated into and published in English, the bestselling novel All In by Simona Ahrnstedt is a refreshing twist on the billionaire playboy trope, exhibits strong female characters, a lovingly painted vision of the idyllic Swedish summer and an “un-put-downable” plot that will appeal to every romance reader.Theresa also told me, and, and will mention in the beginning of this episode, that being on the podcast was apparently on her bucket list, so I’m really excited to share this episode with you because it was really fun to record.by Simona Ahrnstedt is a refreshing twist on the billionaire playboy trope, exhibits strong female characters, a lovingly painted version of the idyllic Swedish summer, and an un-put-downable plot that will appeal to every romance reader.Theresa: When I get into a series, I usually know more about the characters than the plot in later books, because in the first book I’m establishing a lot of that, and the characters in later books are often present in the first book? They wouldn’t be obvious then as stolen goods, and so the reward would be called off, so that’s a very definite endpoint to the timeline that I had to keep in mind as I was writing.

Theresa: In the case of this series, they were off-screen but communicating by letter, and so I knew what the dynamic between the hero and the heroine would be, and I don’t know if I should admit this, if my editor is listening, but basically I wrote the first book, and then I was like, okay, well, these’ll be the characters in the second book, and I’ll figure out later how they fit into the plot of the first one. Theresa: I definitely try not to do anything counter to the real life events.

Critically lauded by by Simona Ahrnstedt is now beautifully repackaged in a trade paperback just in time for Valentine’s Day as a perfect gift for a friend or, better yet, for yourself. And to Jason M.: You make life more fun, and you make difficult things appear effortless and entertaining.



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