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Anonymous Santa " data-medium-file=" It’ll sit nicely between my Ren & Stimpy Christmas Album and that one by the Gospel singer with the incredibly moving voice who was convicted of beating his wife.

w=200" data-large-file=" But today at Starbucks I did indulge myself in a new Christmas album of jazz/lounge standards, of which I have an extensive collection, and I’m taking this as the official start of the season.

Yes, he was super interesting and cute, but I feel like there was no return on my investment into the conversation.

I had been hoping for at least a kiss, an exchange of a number, but after he dropped that bomb I went from hot to cold.

So without further ado, here is what I want, and how and when I want it.

That has never worked for me on OK Cupid, so I might as well try it here.

It has some stereotype model of relationship where the guy is black and girl is white.

He asked me again if I was single, so I said yes, and he asked how it was working out for me.


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