Joomla site not updating Chat horny teens

Sometimes clearing caches, it helps resolving display or other issues, so it's common practice to clear or disable the cache when something doesn't look or work as expected, to ensure that is not a caching issue.

Clear Cache will remove all cached content and the system will have to regenerate/reload it at the next page load.

I also tried from different computers but the problem persists. Thank you Regards Thanks for posting that you figured it out.

If you forget to enter Development Mode, you can also purge your cache (setting on that same page as Dev Mode).


The following tutorial has more information on this: How to change your Joomla 3.1 Site Template If you're doing everything right, it could be you're not seeing the changes because you need to clear your browser's cache.This might make the next load of a page to take a bit more time, since it will also have to create the new cached files, but after the next load the pages will load faster again.Purge Expired Caches will only remove items that have expired.1 - I have tested the website on multiple browsers.

2 - I have cleared the browser cache on all of them.It is recommended to be enabled only for modules that contain static content.


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