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He taught Hankyung a lot of things about Korea, swearing words, etc.29.He used to change clothes under his blanket because he thinks that maybe someone could be watching him.30. He doesn’t want to even blink in front of the cameras.31. When Heechul was young, he went to the girls washroom cause the guys kicked him out of the guys washroom cause they thought he was a girl and the girls didnt notice and thought he was one of them.Heechul used to have a russian blue cat named Yamchae given fans, but it ran away while he was away.4.He used to be a class representative for one semester in his grade school days.21. He asked a neighbor (friend) to take care of his 2nd cat, Champagne, because Heebum got somehow jealous and stopped “meowing”.25.He hates injections/syringes and going/staying in hospitals.26. 4 Seasons’ group was lead by Kangin even though Hee was the oldest cause the company said the group will break if he’ll be the leader.28.




They were newbies and so they did not have much income. Heechul was very hungry but due to some task, he left it on the table.

The people that can sleep with Heechul is Kibum and Typhoon (The Trax).10.


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