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a series of structured video exercises showing a job’s task characteristics D. Research suggests __________ realistic job previews lead to reduce turnover most.



Which method of recruiting is designed to be used when an organization is seeking a specific set of KSAOs? Which communication medium refers to the informal information regarding an organization’s reputation, employment practices, and policies? As a result of rising recruiting, selection, training, and development costs, companies are increasingly looking externally to staff positions. Hierarchical mobility paths make it very easy, from an administrative vantage point, to identify where to look for applicants in the organization. Under a parallel track system, the job titles and salaries of technical specialists are treated as hierarchically arranged. Alternative mobility paths tend to be very difficult to administer. One hallmark of hierarchical mobility paths is an emphasis on pay for skill development and learning. To maintain employee motivation, alternative mobility paths may need to be supplemented with pay for skill development and counseling sessions. It is probably best to avoid listing who is eligible for open positions in a mobility policy, because it will just lock the organization in. Research suggests that employees really don’t care if mobility policies are well-spelled out, because they only care if they personally get promoted. If only an external recruitment search is conducted, the morale of existing employees may be reduced when they feel that they have been passed over for a promotion. A major difference between internal and external recruitment is that external recruitment not only fills vacancies but also creates them. Some of the features of hierarchical mobility paths include A. the prospect of promotions can motivate employees C. supervisors’ responsibilities for employee development 17. In developing career path policies, a good approach for promotion would not include which of the following?

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