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Helping Goldman prop up the corpse is Vimeo, who revived the show as part of the streaming service’s recent investment in original series.(Full disclosure: Vimeo and The Daily Beast are owned by the same company, IAC.)It’s a godsend for the series’ original fans who, three years later, still find themselves starved for content that doesn’t marginalize gay culture to just sex or stereotypes.In series 1, openly gay Harry Derbidge is introduced as the cousin of Amy Childs, one of the show's main cast members, and reappears throughout the series.

Word-of-mouth, especially in the gay community, built around the story of Mitchell and Jack, a gay couple “on the outs” and attempting to navigate a relationship as friends after they break up—poignantly charting the dangerous waters of such a friendship, as well as the loneliness.(A partnered, loving gay couple starting a family.)Already distressed over the state of gays on TV—you’re either a stereotype sidekick or you fall squarely into a palatable picket-fence mold that you’re almost unrecognizable to a large swath of the gay community—Goldman vowed to watch The New Normal for as long as it took for them to make a lazy Madonna joke. He began writing The Outs shortly after, and while a lot of coverage of the show has presented its conception as a direct reaction to the Madonna joke, he says it was more in response to the general mood about the depiction of gay people on TV—people he didn’t see when he looked around him. At a lunch on the day before The Outs’ second season is set to launch on Vimeo, Goldman, Winters, and Hunter Canning, who plays Mitchell’s ex Jack on the series, are trying desperately to name off gay characters that are currently on TV, searching for examples of complex, honest portrayals.“And we had Looking, but then Looking disappeared,” he says, referring to the short-lived HBO series about three gay friends in San Francisco that arrived with the weight of gay TV on its shoulders, but crumbled under the weight of thinkpieces and too much expectation. But it was certainly along the lines of, ‘There needs to be more voices.’”The Outs’ viewership wasn’t tallied in the millions, but the people who liked and who watched it were passionate about it.


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