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" "I think [I'd like to dance with] Sasha [Farber]," she revealed."I think it would be cool to be with Sasha." The new season of , which premieres on March 20 on ABC, is already shaping up to be an exciting one. T filed a .4 million lawsuit last year claiming that the TV star had abandoned him at a young age causing him to become emotionally unstable and join a gang. T had a responsibility and obligation as a father to help provide Alexander with the basic needs of food, clothing, and shelter’, but instead he chose to ‘neglect and abuse’ him during his childhood, reports Radar Online. T rose to prominence in the 1980s playing the iconic role of B. Baracus - the mohican-haired mercenary weighed down by gold neck chains and a phobia of flying – in the hit TV show The A-Team.As a result of being abandoned, Taylor states that he had a hard time transitioning into adulthood and was suspended numerous times from school and was sent to juvenile hall before he eventually joined a gang.He may be a little older, and all his gold chains are gone. Baracus on "The A-Team" and tough-guy boxer Clubber Lang in "Rocky III." And now he's got a new show, "I Pity the Fool," airing Wednesday nights at 10, on TV Land, where he motivates workers to be better at their jobs, reunites families who've grown apart, and helps inspire people to be better human beings. T recently spoke to Beliefnet about how his Christian faith helps him help others on the show, the importance of prayer in his life, why he pities the fool, and going through his "Job test" when diagnosed with cancer.(He stopped wearing them after Katrina, feeling it would be a sin against God to do so while so many people were suffering). He's grown stronger in his faith in the years since he played the legendary Sgt.


"It's weird, I don't think most people know this but my dad is pretty shy when he's not on camera. Perhaps what's most impressive is that she's done so with a permanence of selfhood rivaled only perhaps by her father's hairstyle—which he's maintained in a West African Warrior Mandinka cut since 1977.Grand SLAM winners tell a shorter version of their winning story at the Moth's annual fundraiser in New York City, The Moth Ball. A good story, certainly one that embodied this year's theme: conflict. "He wants me to be a nice teacher and get married and have kids.


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