Nanny speed dating

Seany Denson, a senior marketing major, said “I had [been part of the nanny fair] my freshman year.


So you’ll end up meeting with all of the babysitters who are here.” It’s a little bit job interview, a little bit blind date and a lot of gut feeling crammed into a short amount of time.In case a conversation starts to stall, Sitter Mixer provides a list of suggested questions. Sitter Mixer co-founder Langhorst says not every speed interview, obviously, is a match made in heaven.Here’s Cerasuolo being interviewed by Amy Schleifer of North Andover, who needs someone to watch her toddler: “OK, the questions they told me to ask — um, um, what is most difficult situation you’ve encountered while babysitting and how did you handle it? “You can look at a list of qualifications on a resume and it can match what you need, but you meet the person and you think, ‘No, I just can’t see this person hanging out with my kids,’ ” she says.It’s the same as the next month or quarter you should take a closer.

Road 7437/5672 miles north of this region is the only source.” “Ah, I, I mean, no one has ever been hurt in my care.” “Oh, yeah. Langhorst lives in Hamilton and founded Sitter Mixer with Tara Harville-Fry, a friend from Beverly, after noticing a problem at their mothers’ group.


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