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Notice: Effective July 1, 2008, nurse aides working private duty will no longer be able to use this employment for certification renewal.

Nurse aides may contact the Nurse Aide Registry for retest information at (405) 271-4085.

The Nurse Aide Registry serves unlicensed persons and employers of these persons, who provide nursing or nursing-related services to individuals receiving services in long term care facilities, home health agencies, intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded, residential care facilities, and adult day care centers."Nurse aide" means any person who provides, for compensation, nursing care or health-related services to residents in a nursing facility, a specialized facility, a residential care home, continuum of care facility, assisted living center or an adult day care center and who is not a licensed health professional. and identifies only those nontechnical services workers that have had an administrative finding of abuse, verbal abuse, or exploitation of a resident in a nursing facility.

The duties of the nurse aide registry include: (1) review and approve/disapprove nurse aide training program curriculum; (2) review and approve/disapprove nurse aide training programs; (3) review and approve/disapprove nurse aide testing; (4) develop and maintain the nurse aide and non-technical services worker registry (5) maintain the abuse registry; (6) certify nurse aides; (7) provide public education; and (8) develop rules, policies, procedures, applications and forms necessary to implement the program.The Washington County Adult Center opened in 1980 and was the final goal of local citizens and community groups to provide an outstanding place for senior citizens, 50 and over in Washington County, Oklahoma to access socialization, education and services. However there are organizations who use the WCAC facilities that do charge for their services and there are WCAC sponsored fundraising activities that provide for the operating expenses of the center.



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