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One should not underestimate the pain and disillusion that this creates in many people today.

One example of Ekman's international reach: Ekman also mentored Kong Hee, founding pastor of Singapore's largest megachurch who was arrested over his wife's pop music outreach and currently faces trial over how million of church funds were handled.

Ulf and Birgitta Ekman emphazises that this is about a personal journey.

- It has not been our agenda to lead Word of Life in this direction, or to collectively unite the church with the Catholic Church. In his speech to the church this Sunday, Ulf Ekman stressed that this step was not going from something, but more importantly going towards something else.

Meanwhile, Word of Life Church announced that it would hold a special meeting for parishioners on Monday.

and Aletheia report more details of Ekman's conversion. Ekman was ordained a minister in the Swedish Lutheran Church in 1979 before leaving the denomination to found Word of Faith Church in Uppsala in 1983, according to his website.

- We have seen a great love for Jesus and a sound theology, founded on the Bible and classic dogma.

The City Harvest pastor tweeted a photo of he and Ekman together in October with the note "Dr Ulf Ekman was my old friend & mentor in the formative years of my church work." ----- [Originally published March 10, p.m., entitled: Sweden's Pentecostal Megapastor Converts to Catholicism | Ulf Ekman stuns his Word of Life megachurch in Sunday sermon: He's crossing the Tiber.] The founder of a 3,300-member megachurch in one of Sweden's largest cities announced yesterday [Sunday, March 9] his decision to leave his charismatic congregation and join the Roman Catholic Church.

Ulf Ekman, who introduced Sweden to the prosperity-emphasizing Word of Faith movement when he founded Word of Life Ministries and Word of Life Church, had stepped down from the pastorate at the Uppsala church last spring.

- We love the church that we have been a part of building and serving for the last thirty years, and we could never be anything but grateful for the time we have had together, but we have felt a clear calling from the Lord to take this new step.


Now, when we do so, we are convinced that the Word of Life church is in good hands and will keep prospering and bear fruit in it's on vision.

"I have come to realize that the movement I for the last 30 years have represented, despite successes and much good that has occurred on various mission fields, is part of the ongoing Protestant fragmentation of Christendom," Ekman wrote in an op-ed for Swedish newspaper .


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    After World War II and the takeover of Poland by the communist regime, with new borders, the existing roads received minimal maintenance and upgrades and became notorious for their poor quality, a phenomenon similar to that observed in East Germany.

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    All models are over 18 years of age, in compliance with USC and 2257.

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    According to the police report, the father was at the motel when police arrived and told police that his son was seen going inside a room with a man.

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    Demikianlah juga wanita dalam tempoh sebegini mereka juga tidak dapat mengelak diri dari terjatuh ke lembah maksiat lantaran godaan nafsu dan fitrah yang memerlukan pasangan dan seks.

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