Professors dating undergrads


" I feel it is well within the scope of an acceptable question.

An individual may not initiate or participate in institutional decisions involving a direct benefit or penalty to someone with whom that individual has had a sexual relationship.

For example, the student will eventually need letters of recommendation, some of which will be written by colleagues of the professor.

If they write honest letters, can they feel confident that what they wrote won't make it back to the professor?

And letters of recommendation are just one issue - the relationship will keep coming up in different areas.


Since the question raises relevant issues in academia such as the "mentor-apprenticeship model", politics, and ethics, the question can be interpreted not as being specific to an institution, but as "is it allowable, in general and why?

What other factors could help determine whether a relationship would be allowed or considered appropriate?

To answer the question, in most countries, there is no law against consensual relationship (at least between adults), so yes, it is allowed.

managed by multiple layers of campus administration.


It is worth emphasizing that these policies are invoked not only for sexual relationships that are generally considered inappropriate, such as undergraduates and their instructors, or graduate students and their advisors, but also with married (and formerly married) couples.

He or she must take specific actions to remove himself or herself from all decisions and actions that may influence the career or status of the other employee.


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