Raptr not updating twitter

One of the things it does pretty good is the video card drivers update. It can detect most PC games and when it does, for some of them it offers recommended GFx game settings designed to work as best as possible on your current hardware.

It allows you to instantly update your video drivers as soon as released and for the more ‘experimental’ types, it allows also auto-update to beta drivers. It does not choke down your throat ever version, like most update systems do. This is not just a theory, it actually works exceptionally well.

I know that there was a thread about this at some time in the past, but for the life of me I can't find it via search.

I installed Raptr quite a while ago but forgot about it.

Therefore, overall, I will rate this application with 9.5/10. There may be more things to be said, but enough for today.

There are some little bugs to be removed and improvements to be made, but nothing is perfect. Explore it and you will probably discover a lot of good stuff yourself.

The app wasn’t universally well received but luckily was easy enough to opt out of when installing the lastest Crimson Drivers giving the end user a way to avoid it all together.

If by any chance auto-detection does not see your games, you can manually add them to the library and everything will still work.



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