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Your writing massively divides opinion with many women believing that you target our flaws. OK, well if that’s the case, your intention does get lost.Well I don’t know how it gets lost because I write about Madonna’s facelift, I don’t attack Madonna.You can’t have missed the shots of her facelift, hand lift and tattoo (she previously said tattoos were “just for sluts”), all of which she had so she could write about the experience for the .Oh, and that along with feeding her 17 cats Marks & Spencer’s smoked salmon for dinner, she has documented every single detail of her eating disorder, marriage breakdown and bankruptcy for her loyal readers.These people are so good at what they do; you will end up buying things. I don’t even see it as an illness, that’s who I am. I go to the Dolce & Gabbana show and all the women are on their phones speaking to their nannies but I’ve got no-one to call. I don’t weigh myself any more but I’m very fussy about what I eat. If there’s one thing I could do with my life I would change the legal status of animals. Ever since I was a child I’ve had a special relationship with animals. Last Christmas I got in such a rage because the and I’d signed the contract for both.

But people should know that we don’t actually buy that stuff, but it makes you unpopular. I had a mum who was very scared for me, didn’t want me to do anything and always thought I was going to get run over. Do you think without an eating disorder and a propensity for panic attacks you would struggle for writing material? If I was happy I wouldn’t try as hard, I’d just bash it off. I’m a total Carrie, literally everything is the same. If you’re with someone and they eat a lot do you feel superior to them? My husband ate a lot and was fat and I did feel like a higher being. I admire women who are bigger because I know I couldn’t do that because I’m so brainwashed and all I want is women to stop thinking that how they look is the most important thing. If someone from 400 years in the future saw what we did to animals they’d be aghast. I literally have the constitution of an ox, I’m never ill. If I haven’t improved the self-esteem of women then I haven’t had a successful career.

Is informing your readers at any cost really worth jeopardising your friendships and relationship? For a feature I’ve had hypnotherapy, neuro feedback and psychotherapy. It didn’t have an effect on the other children but on a child with very low self esteem it makes you think danger is around every corner. Most of the people who write to me genuinely want me to be happy; the readers do genuinely care about me. She’s never the one that men fancy; they want a Charlotte or Samantha. On other women I can see that being too thin is not attractive; I can see that Karlie Kloss is too thin. How important is money to you as a signifier of success? Women aren’t paid as much as men and I don’t think demanding what you’re worth is anything to be ashamed of. What do you think about people who don’t like animals? Do you value your animals’ life more than your own?

It doesn’t happen overnight, it sort of happens gradually. Why wouldn’t you consider therapy as part of your personal life? I think it is important for women to realise what they’re worth.

I’m going to keep this brief because you probably already know everything there is to know about Liz Jones. You know that she’s the woman who reaches three million people as the supplement.


You’ll have heard that she tried to artificially impregnate herself with a used condom filled with her ex boyfriend’s sperm; that she has some rather shocking opinions about Rihanna (“the sort of fashion sense on stage that surely invites rape at worst, disrespect at least”) and older mums (“they want to use a baby as a pawn: to keep a man, to prevent themselves from being sacked, and to give them something to talk about”).Well I’m not allowed to do Twitter because [the ] are worried about the level of abuse I’d get.


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