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On this day in 1871, journalist Henry Morton Stanley begins his famous search through Africa for the missing British explorer Dr. In the late 19th century, Europeans and Americans were deeply fascinated by the “Dark Continent” of Africa and its many mysteries. On March 21, 1778, just three days after British Loyalists and Hessian mercenary forces assault the local New Jersey militia at Quinton’s Bridge, three miles from Salem, New Jersey, the same contingent surprises the colonial militia at Hancock’s Bridge, five miles from Salem. Ayrton Senna da Silva, the three-time Formula One (F1) world champion, is born on this day in 1960, in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

And local magazines claim Ronaldinho has developed a close relationship with the coach's daughter — 20-year-old Lindsay — after the pair were spotted together.


And the two-time World Player of the Year would be prepared to activate the FIFA rule — the same one Frank Lampard could have used last summer to leave Stamford Bridge on the cheap.

A statement last night read: "We consider Ronaldinho a fundamental piece in our current project."For that reason we are not planning any other option other than his continuity in our first team."Just to add to Barcelona's frustrations, arch-enemies Real Madrid have indicated they may try to snatch Ronaldinho.


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    Armando, but is commonly referred to as La Bombonera, meaning the Chocolate Box, a reference to its shape - one totally flat stand along one side and then 3 other sheer sides, rising up almost vertically, giving the stadium fantastic acoustics.

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    Forex markets are among the most active markets in the world in terms of dollar volume.

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