Russia expat dating

And most Ukrainian women don’t have a dogmatic obsession with finding a man who’s at least six feet tall.

But the dating calculus of foreign men starts to fall apart when it comes to their concept of Ukrainian women, and their prospects for wooing these women with their often limited charms.

Last summer a buddy of mine experienced an embarrassing “wardrobe malfunction” that resembled the medical warning for Cialis.

That will teach him not to eat too much Turkish mesir macanu before heading to a pool club in Ukraine.

As men in the West we are sellers, but here we are buyers.” - A German expat friend and retired ladies’ man, who is now happily married with three kids In attempting to explain why foreign men are looking for love in Ukraine, two reasons are most often cited: Ukrainian women are physically attractive and they tend to have more traditional values than women in Western countries.


Sure in Lviv, we can still joke about try halochky halychanky (“three check boxes for a Galician girl”)—finish university, get married, have a child— the end.Most men prefer slim, attractive women, who are far more numerous in Ukraine than they are in Western countries. In Ukraine the quantity of slim, attractive women vastly outnumbers the quantity of men with financial resources. It’s hard to say something about the physical attractiveness of Slavic women that doesn’t sound cliché, but here goes.A few years ago I accompanied my relative from Lviv to a fashion expo in Milan.Every now and then I’d encounter these men on business trips to Tashkent.


Shifty and squirrelly, I never had to ask them why they were going to Tashkent—it was totally obvious.And as more and more young Ukrainian women are studying and working abroad, their attitudes and expectations are changing.


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