Sex pono ptic


It is simply the latest wave of an age-old problem, and it hands even greater power to those who refuse to respect a woman's choice. Girls, in particular, need to be encouraged to assert their rights in order to negate the power of pressure.

Importantly, the law must have a strong response for those who use sexual images and videos as a form of sexual coercion.

I recently chaired an event about online safety, and hearing from professionals about how widespread nature of "sexting" culture – when people send explicit images or videos of themselves to another – among young people I was genuinely frightened.

This has become a dark world, and, on the part of the aggressor, it is another layer of an enduring problem.This is a relatively new development, but the underlying motivations are not.Male violence towards women is disproportionate in comparison to vice versa figures.Is blackmailing a person with the terror of public humiliation with sexual images merely encouraging a person to have sex? This is crucial, because young people, with a less developed understanding of privacy and sexuality, are not grasping the gravity of their actions.

Or is it time we started calling this something else? As is often the case with teenagers, peer pressure is a big factor.

It's symbolic of our historic societal structures when women were subordinate to men, when women didn't work and when women didn't vote.


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