Shpock maroc

If someone were to ask you to describe America in one short book it would be quite the difficult undertaking. I, a Texan, would probably give a totally different picture of America than someone that lives in a city like New York.This book seems to make some pretty broad statements and attempt to cover the whole culture.At present he lives in Niwot, Colorado and teaches writing at CU-Boulder.He is past president of the Dictionary Society of North America. At the same time there are people in Morocco that are wealthier than any of the people I know in America and have very Western mind sets.So again, this is a great read and can get you some starting points, but know that it is not a full anthropological guide. The authort approaches Morocco with sympathy and understanding.

He was nervous that we would all be taking showers at the public bath and living without toilets.

Have just finished reading Cultureshock Morocco and found it to be just what we were looking for.

Rich in detail about the country, its people and culture, it will be a valuable guide to anyone travelling to Morocco for work or pleasure.

This book would be most valuable if read before visiting Morocco.

Despite being written 15 years ago, save the statistics and minor upgrades to travel information, it is still incredibly accurate. Probably quite useful for someone planning to live there. Tables and what I expect were sidebars in the printed edition were very hard to read.Anyone planning on traveling anywhere exotic and foreign could use a lesson on culture and cultural taboos and I am very glad I read this book before venturing into Morocco.


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