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Marrakech is a city that evokes holidays and sun but also the unforgettable stay in a riad in Marrakech, a riad in the medina packed with traditional memories and exceptional scents that exhilarate the senses.All this makes Marrakech, this red city emerging from its sumptuous battlements and its green palm grove, a captivating and charming city.Ahmed El Mansour Dahbi also gave the city one of its most beautiful monuments: the Badii Palace.Following his victory against the Portuguese army in 1578 (Battle of Three Kings), Ahmed El Mansour Dahbi undertook the building of this palace, which lasted sixteen years!Decades later, a 40-foot water wheel was constructed to increase the ditch's gravitational flow to a brick reservoir near Olvera Street.From there the network of pipes fanned out, carrying water to homes and to fields for irrigation.Cedillo said the preservation of the Zanja Madre section is significant because it "served as the lifeline to the survival and early development of Los Angeles."He praised Blossom Plaza's developer, Forest City Enterprises, for taking pains to hire an archaeologist to monitor the excavation work and cited the willingness of Lauren Bon of Metabolic Studios to finance the Zanja Madre's excavation.

All of this made Marrakech become the capital of a whole empire under the rule of Youssef Ben Tachfine. superb minaret was built by Yacoub El Mansour, remains one of the true masterpieces of the Ochre City.About 73 feet of the Mother Ditch have been exposed at the project site.


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