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“I’m sure research is being done in this field, but it’s not published because it is undertaken by the packaging and advertising industries and is generally commissioned by clients.The advantage I have is that I’m independent and this gives me the freedom to choose my areas of interest, without having a commercial agenda.“During the process, I’ve observed that graphic design is a field in which statements are made with a great deal of certainty, but when you start digging, there aren’t necessarily references or statistics to back them up.Much of what we know as designers is based on common sense and observation, but sometimes it’s good to do some solid research and find out whether our assumptions can hold up to scrutiny,” she adds.It also looks at the individual personalities of different typefaces and what people’s type choices reveal about their personality.The book begins with an introductory section explaining type’s importance, followed by a brief history of key developments in typography from the 1450s to the present day as well as some general rules on use.I think that putting type into the context of our everyday experiences, and using this language to describe it, is key to engaging peoples’ interest and to democratising the conversation.At the end of the day, type is how we represent our voices visually,” she explains.



The Type Taster: How fonts influence you uses original and existing research to highlight how type can influence decision-making, evoke memories or affect other senses.

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