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In the preceding tutorials we used the Object Data Source control to fully separate the presentation layer from the Data Access layer.

Starting with this tutorial, we learn how the Sql Data Source control can be used for simple applications that do not require such a strict separation of presentation and data access.

With the Sql Data Source, we must specify the database connection string and the ad-hoc SQL queries or stored procedures to execute to insert, update, delete, and retrieve data.

The Sql Data Source s methods, when invoked, connect to the specified database and issue the appropriate SQL query.

This book lays a good foundation for developing a client/server accounting application.

Start by adding a new folder named , take a moment to view the tutorials website through a browser.

All of the tutorials we ve examined so far have used a tiered architecture consisting of presentation, Business Logic, and Data Access layers.

The Data Access Layer (DAL) was crafted in the first tutorial (Creating a Data Access Layer) and the Business Logic Layer in the second (Creating a Business Logic Layer).

Technical Perspective This book adopts an object oriented approach to develop an Visual Basic 2008 and C# 2008 and SQL Server Accounting application.

You will appreciate why an object oriented approach is used in application development.

As with the Object Data Source, the Sql Data Source does not produce any rendered output and therefore appears as a gray box on the design surface.



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