Updating actuals

If the volume of data to keep your schedule is overwhelming to a point where you are considering importing the data, then you should either: 1- consider using MSP Server and have task owners update their tasks via the web, or 2- Reduce the level of detail (# of tasks) in your schedules, or 3- Assign maintenance of the smaller, subordinate schedules to team leads, have them report the top of their schedule as the bottom (input) to updating your Master schedule.Keeping the imported data time-phased is a challenge. Frair Thanks for your help and I am very open to any words of wisdom you wish to give." id="ctl00_m_m_i_ctl00_gr_ctl03_bestanswerbody" class="textarea-bestanswerhidden" name="bestanswerbody" answerbody Id="2025083" / That is a lot of good information to digest.For applying updates in stand alone MSP her are some suggestions: 1) Only update Remaining/Actual Work 2) On any given status date there are only a subset of tasks that need to be updated.To quickly filter for them: All tasks NOT 100% Complete Start Date <= to Status Date This gives you all the tasks that need your attention.

When applying actuals to the schedule, actual duration units (e.g., hours) for all the selected resource's assignments will be updated based on timesheet data.When the Apply Actuals command runs against the project, P6 determines if a value appears in this field, and if it does, it applies this value (with a special calculation for AIA ERP integrations) to the Actual Units field.I am a relative newby to MS Project and I am looking at lots of data entry if there is not a way to import actual hours for resources.It makes reporting on the whole easier but reports will by by subproject only anyway. I was a Project Manager but now specialized in developing, statusing, maintaining and reporting on WBS’s; I work in tandem with the Project Manager.

I am at a standstill at the moment until I reach a decision on how to proceed. I point this out because managing the project and the WBS are two different jobs.

P6 looks for all approved timesheets that fall within the timesheet period and that are less than or equal to the New Data Date value Paul entered on the Apply Actuals dialog box.



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