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If your dog is examined and found to be unfit for the procedure, a veterinary surgeon can certify this using a form approved by the Secretary of State.The form must state for how long the dog is deemed unfit to be microchipped, and the dog must be microchipped before the expiry date stated on the certificate, or have another certificate issued if appropriate.☻ No dog may be sold or rehomed without being microchipped.Even with the introduction of this legislation, microchipping is still not proof of ownership, but it will continue to be powerful supporting evidence.For the purposes of the legislation, a dog is only considered microchipped if it has an FDX-B microchip with a unique 15-digit number, compliant with ISO protocols 11784/11785 implanted, and the required keeper details are registered to a DEFRA compliant database.The Detect Trovan microchips and Petlog database that we use are fully compliant.☻ Newborn puppy - The owner of the bitch that gave birth to it.


Veterinary surgeons often microchip animals much smaller than dogs and we offer microchips available in two different sizes suitable for your breed.If you still have any concerns about microchipping a dog (e.g. The decision to exempt your dog from being microchipped for reasons of health is at the discretion of a veterinary surgeon and is entirely their decision.Detect offer Trovan mini microchips, which comply to the same standards as the regular Trovan microchip but are smaller in size, meaning a smaller thinner needle is used for implantation.The words 'legally responsible' are used if your dog strays, bites or causes any unjust damage.


As the keeper of the dog you are 'liable' for the dog that is registered to you.

The owner of an animal may not necessarily be the person with whom that animal normally resides, meaning that the owner and keeper of a dog can be two different people.



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