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For a full list of tutorial videos for Logos 3, please visit:

The Logos Library System was discontinued in 2001 and is no longer supported. If you are having trouble finding what you need, you may want to visit our Forums.

Logos also recently published its own Lexham Bible Reference series, featuring new scholarship on the original Biblical languages.

Until October 2014, the name Logos Bible Software was often used to refer to the company behind the software (incorporated as Logos Research Systems, Inc).

You can expand your library with tools and content from different publishers and everything works together automatically.

Look for the Libronix DLS logo to ensure that your growing library remains accessible through one, easy interface!

We have a very large base of Power Users who are always happy to provide Tips, Training and Advice, or If you’re having trouble with a more technical issue, please contact Customer Support at 1(800)875-6467 or by email.



In terms of branding, Libronix Digital Library System refers to the software itself, whilst Logos Bible Software Series X was used for packages that included both the software and electronic Biblical studies resources.This was known as Logos Bible Software for Mac 1.0, and although based on the Windows version, full parity was never achieved, even with versions 1.1 and 1.2 which shipped in 2009.However, on November 2, 2009, Logos announced Logos Bible Software 4 for Windows, along with an early alpha version of Mac edition and a cut-down i Phone version.The list of resources you see will depend on the mix of resources you have installed on your computer.

Development for the LDLS platform stopped with the release of Logos Bible Software 4 and 5 but an achrive of old support articles and basic training is available below, but may not be compatible with current computers and operating systems.Like the original release of the Libronix Digital Library System, the application had been substantially rewritten, and featured a very different graphical user interface than its predecessor.



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