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In the postseason, the Panthers boast the league’s top offense with an average of 385.5 yards per game, are No. Gisele Bündchen may have reigned as “WAG Supreme” during last year’s Super Bowl, but she’s got nothing on the beauties hitting Santa Clara, Calif., on Sunday.And in December, Chris Chase of USA Today's For the Win defended the then-unbeaten Panthers, who Las Vegas made 4 1/2-point favorites against a mediocre New York Giants team.“Talk about disrespect,” Chase wrote on Dec. “It’s like Vegas went down the Panthers roster one by one, pointing and saying, ‘I hate you. As the season has worn on, the Panthers have almost come to embrace the idea that, for whatever reason, the world at large does not consider them a true threat.“There’s always something I will try to pick up on and talk to the players about,” coach Ron Rivera said after the Panthers decimated the Arizona Cardinals, 49-15, in the NFC Championship game.“It’s not just necessarily what I conjure up or bring up to them. Just like singer Aretha Franklin, that’s all the Carolina Panthers want. The Panthers opened practice on Monday for Sunday's Super Bowl 50 against the Denver Broncos still trying to earn the respect it has craved all season. But more like Rodney Dangerfield, the team with the best record in the NFL doesn’t feel like it gets any.

Mallory Anderson The second wife of backup quarterback Derek Anderson, the real estate agent enjoys the quiet life that Charlotte has to offer.

“We knew coming in here in April and OTAs what we wanted to do. You don't put up 49 points by just getting out of bed in the morning. ” Norman told reporters last week before the team departed for Santa Clara, Calif. Subscribe to receive exclusive newsletters and special offers from ASN!

Being able to make that goal happen, we're not surprised at all.”Statistically speaking, the rest of the NFL has no reason to doubt the Panthers at this point. Carolina’s defense leads the league in postseason interceptions with six and that same defense is the only to have scored in the playoffs (two touchdowns). 3 in rushing yards allowed (69 yards per game) in the playoffs and were No. That said, the Panthers’ secondary, particularly Norman (Coastal Carolina), have been extremely vocal all season about their abilities, or, more succinctly, the perceived idea that they lack ability.“Look at what we showed today,” Norman said after the NFC Championship. Enter your email address below to receive the latest updates.

Jade Bennett Meghan James isn’t the only reality star who scored a Bronco.


Defensive end Malik Jackson has been romancing the “Bad Girls Club” personality for some time.

Finnegan, a Samford alum, was in large part responsible for holding the Cardinals’ marquee receiver Fitzgerald to four receptions for only 30 yards and no scores.



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