Who is wilmer valderrama dating

quality=90&w=300 300w" sizes="(max-width: 620px) 100vw, 620px" / In our continuing series taking a look at some of most legendary ladies men, today we will discuss the alleged sexual history of Wilder Valderrama, and one of the most head-scratching lists of accomplishments in the history of the world. Another sexy lady who Fez bagged while he was working on , Venezuelan-born actress and singer Delfino can be excused for falling for Wilder’s charms since English is her second language.

Mandy Moore was at the height of her fame around this time so the explanations for why Valderrama was able to snag her and other women of her ilk are beginning to make people scratch their heads a little bit. You may recall that Lovato quit her tour in 2010 to enter a treatment facility for physical and emotional issues. Another lengthy gap as perhaps women were finally realizing that Wilder Valderrama was, well, Wilder Valderrama.

The couple have gone from strength to strength - she also told People magazine her man likes her just the way she is: 'Actually Wilmer likes me best without make up, so when we're able to have a date, I go without makeup on.

In a rare show of public affection, Wilmer Valderrama took to his Instagram late Wednesday, Aug.

I didn't personally see if they were holding hands or if they were being affectionate, but it looked like a date. Their breakup was a huge shock to fans, who had been anticipating an imminent engagement."After almost 6 loving and wonderful years together, we have decided to end our relationship," the joint statement read."This was an incredibly difficult decision for both of us, but we have realized more than anything that we are better as best friends. Thank you to everyone who has offered us kindness and support over the years."Shortly after the news broke, E!You just have to find the comedy in all of it." Valderrama knows how to treat a lady, Kelly added.



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