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However the same multidimensional scaling plot shows that Azeris from the Caucasus, despite their supposed common origin with Iranian Azeris, cluster closer with other Iranians (e.g. According to the scholar of historical geography, Xavier de Planhol: “Azeri material culture, a result of this multi-secular symbiosis, is thus a subtle combination of indigenous elements and nomadic contributions….

It is a Turkish language learned and spoken by Iranian peasants”.

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The language, however, is one, in that its letters are written the same way and used the same way in composition.

There are, then, different languages such as Pahlavi, Dari, Azeri, as well as other Persian languages.


As for the material culture, it remained traditional even after the Turkicization of the local population.However, the presence of a massive layer of Iranians that took part in the formation of the Azeri ethnos, have imposed its imprint, primarily on the lexicon of the Azeri language which contains a great number of Iranian and Arabic words.



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